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CREALOQ s.r.o. - Official Web

It can be a real challenge to deliver a product or service in quality, time & price. And customer? Commonly faces a dilemma, just because: "We deliver in all aspects (quality, time & price), but you have to choose only 2 of them in the same time" companies use to say.. And this is how it works in real life. Isn't it? We may ask.. Are we really cheap? Fast enough? Do we deliver a Quality?
  • Is this even possible? Considering the complexity of project/code and constant HR (Human Resources) related changes..

We may see a high level effectiveness as the right answer.. However, how to achieve this?

PL/SQL Visualization? You will love UMLCode!™ for PL/SQL!

  • How to improve efficiency of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)? Agile?
  • How to enhance performance of my Oracle based Systems and Applications?

We supply dedicated solutions mainly focused on SDLC efficiency and fine tuning of Oracle based Systems & Applications. Our products and services are always created with efficiency in mind and we hope they will bring you profit, enjoyment and new perspective view.

Welcome to the world of Crealoq!